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Boschen Technologies offers design, installation, and support for professional audio-visual systems and their related network infrastructures. We work in commercial and custom residential applications. Our range of services stems from our design philosophy: to consider the entirety of any A/V signal chain we install, from input to output. We select the appropriate hardware and the correct cabling linkages, from copper to fiber optic. Our designs cover the range from sound systems and video presentation for nightclubs and corporate boardrooms, to the surround theatre and music system in your own home.

Our systems are designed to be safe and functional above all. Second only to this is our criteria for quality, and for this reason we are careful in our selection of hardware. Design services are flexible and scalable; we offer prewires or completely installed systems, including all hardware, options and extras. By combining services in a single installation, we provide comprehensive solutions to our clients' audiovisual needs.

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